Finding the Right Insurance Broker Online!

Finding the Right Insurance Broker Online!

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With the convenience of technology now a days we are able to find an array of things online at the click of a button. When it comes to finding either a great restaurant or in this case the right insurance broker for you. Search engines like Google or Bing can help find different options in your area. But how do you narrow down your selections to find the right one? Here are a few tips to help you find the broker that best fits your needs.

1.      Use sites like Google or Yelp! to search for insurance agencies in your area.

·         Look at reviews left by customers

·         Ask yourself. Do they have great customer service from the reviews you read? Do they seem like they are helpful and honest? Do they look reliable? 

2.      Once you have selected a few of your top choices. Give them a call!

·         Ask them what different options they have for setting up your insurance. Do they provide anything over the phone like email signatures or quotes thru text message? Or do you have to go into their office to set up everything?

·         Over the phone services makes things convenient for people that are always on the go. If this is something your excited about. Thumbs Up! 

3.      Going Over Coverages

·         Explain your needs and wants in regards to coverage for either your auto, home or business.

·         Did the broker go over the coverage in a way you easily understood?

·         Make sure they provide you with multiple options of coverage not just the basic

·         Did they offer the best rate and payments options that fit your budget?

·         Ask to get an email or text message of the insurance prices quoted and coverages  

4.      The Selection

After speaking to the various Brokers. Narrow down your choice by asking yourself these questions:

·         Who gave me the best rate?

·         Who's services was better?

·         What are the benefits to working with that broker?

·         Do they give clients personalized service?

After answering these questions the choice will be clear! Good Luck

Elvia Rodriguez